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Tree Removal Cost Estimate

What Is the Average Cost to Remove a Tree?

Tree removal typically costs runs between $500 and $1,500 for a roughly 50-foot tree. However, your total tree removal price depends on several factors including the tree’s size. An easy example is that big trees generally cost more to remove than small ones.

Homeowners without experience in tree removal may be tempted to turn to the cheapest option available when it’s time for a tree trimming, pruning, or cutting down. Unfortunately, hiring someone who is not licensed and insured could end up costing you more money if the job isn’t done correctly! Professional arborists are trained and certified in the safe and effective removal of trees, so you know your property – and its surrounding landscaping – will be in good hands with an experienced contractor. Don’t leave your safety or aesthetic value of your property to chance; hire a professional certified arborist instead!

Factors That Determine the Cost of Tree Removal

As we already mentioned that large trees cost more to remove because they require more heavy-duty equipment, the removal process is riskier, and there’s more material to dispose of. There are other factors that determine the price of tree removal beyond size. 

Size of the Tree

Much like humans, trees come in various shapes, so size is based on height and width. Tall trees also usually have thicker trunks. A tall tree with a narrow trunk may cost less to remove than a tree of the same height with a thick trunk. If a short tree has a thick trunk that’s particularly hard to cut, a tree removal company may charge extra. Similarly, if a tree has more than one trunk, it will be more complicated and pricier to remove.

Tree size and cost estimates

Here are some common tree heights with a ball park estimate – but please remember there may additional impacts on price which we are covering later in the page. 

Average tree sizes with a cost estimate

Small : 30 feet or shorter ($300–$500): Fruit trees, hawthorns, silver birches, etc.

Medium : 30–60 feet ($600–$1,000): Maple, elm, etc.

Large : 60–80 feet ($1,500–$3,000): Mature oaks, evergreens, etc.

Does the type of Tree impact cost ?

Ash: A mature ash tree can reach 40–80 feet and usually costs between $800 and $2,000 to remove.

Cedar: Cedar trees can vary in height greatly, so the cost for removal runs from $500–$2,000.

Maple: Mature maple trees can grow 60–100 feet and are typically quite expensive to remove, usually costing $1,100–$2,000.

Oak: A mature oak tree is 60–80 feet tall and costs around $700–$1,300 to remove.

Palm: Palm trees vary in height based on the species, but their trunks aren’t very thick. Because of this, they cost about $300–$900 to remove.

Pine: There are more than 100 species of pine trees, which can grow to as little as 5 feet tall to well over 90 feet. The general price for pine tree removal is between $300 and $3,000.

Poplar: Poplar trees grow 90–115 feet and have extensive root systems. They’re some of the most expensive trees to remove, costing about $1,500–$2,000.

Health or Condition of the Tree

A diseased tree can be a health and safety hazard to other trees and your property. The tree might be cheap to remove because it’s easier to cut down, but it might cost more if it’s in a dangerous position, like near electrical wires. A tree that has already fallen is much cheaper than a living tree to cut and haul away. Schedule an inspection with a tree removal service to get a quote in this situation. 

Emergency Tree Removal

When a tree suddenly falls on your home or car or leans precariously, you need to remove it before it can cause further damage. This job is riskier because the technicians will have to be very careful to avoid additional damage. Tree removal prices vary substantially by situation and contractor, though they can easily go up to $5,000.

Your homeowners insurance policy may cover part or all of the cost to remove a fallen tree on your property, so check with your insurance company before paying for this service out of pocket.

If you need Emergency tree removal we have more information (here)

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Multiple Trees or Lot Clearing

If you live in a wooded area and want to clear multiple trees, you may be able to pay by acreage. But the cost would be based on a number of factors; so if you are looking to clear a lot this would require an estimate from us .  A lightly wooded area might cost you between $1,500 and $3,500 per acre, depending on how many trees, size, type and equipment needed

Other Cost Factors That Impact The Cost of Tree Removal

Accessibility: Anything that makes removing trees more difficult will also cost more. This includes sloped yards, rocky or muddy soil, an angled trunk, or weak branches. If it’s risky to access the tree—for example, if the tree is near power lines or close to your house or other buildings—you might get charged an extra 50%.

Location: You may be charged a travel surcharge if you live in a remote location since the contractor will need to drive heavy machinery out to your property. Additionally, people who live in locations with a higher cost of living will likely see higher costs when hiring tree removal contractors.

Machinery: Special machinery such as cranes must be used to keep the falling tree from hitting surrounding structures. Expect to add at least $500 for jobs that require a crane. Based on our customer review analysis, some tree removals with cranes cost up to $6,000–$7,000.

Permits: Many areas require you to purchase a permit to remove a tree taller than 10 feet. While the cost of a permit is relatively low—between $60 and $150—failing to get one before beginning work could net you a more substantial fine later in the process. We have a link to permitting on our Tree Removal page (here)

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