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Common Trees of Georgia

Georgia boasts some of the most stunning landscapes in the country, thanks in large part to our abundant trees. From the vibrant red, orange, and yellow hues of the fall maples to the breathtaking sight of a fully bloomed dogwood in spring, trees bring us joy year-round. They provide cool shade during the summer, protect us from the elements, and even enhance our mental and physical health. Let’s appreciate and cherish the multitude of benefits these majestic trees bring to our lives.

Georgia's Official State Tree:
The Majestic Live Oak

In 1937, Georgia proudly chose the live oak as its official state tree. These remarkable trees can be found in coastal towns and cities, gracefully adorning the streets of historic neighborhoods. From postcards to Spanish moss, live oaks truly embody the charm and heritage of the South. Indisputably tied to Georgia’s early history and the lives of influential figures like General James Edward Oglethorpe, John Wesley, and Sidney Lanier, these hurricane-resistant giants are a testament to the state’s rich cultural roots.

live oak tree


To the untrained eye, many trees look the same. They’re tall and leafy, aren’t they? Must be a tree. Understanding the variations between common Georgia trees is not only a satisfying skill to have, but it can also help you make better decisions in your own garden.


Discover the vibrant maples of Georgia – the red maple and sugar maple. With their exquisite palmate leaves and stunning autumn hues, these trees are a sight to behold. Experience the fiery orange and red tones of the sugar maple in fall, while the red maple dazzles with yellow to red foliage. Don’t miss out on the year-round allure of these remarkable maples, as they boast a captivating rusty red all year long.

Magnolia Tree

With numerous species, including eight natives to the United States, these versatile trees can effortlessly enhance any garden, yard, or growing environment. From towering climbers to charming decorative plants, there’s a magnolia for everyone

Recognizable by their broad, glossy leaves and astonishingly large white flowers, magnolias are truly a sight to behold. And let’s not forget their smooth, gray bark that adds an extra touch of elegance.

magnolia tree

Hickory Tree

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of tall and commanding hickory trees. These magnificent giants stand over 60 feet tall, reaching for the sky. Admire their elegant pinnate leaves, with veins arranged neatly in rows that stem from the central vein. Watch as they shed their leaves in the vibrant colors of autumn, only to be reborn with fresh foliage in the spring. Marvel at their mature trunks, which boast a striking diamond pattern. Embrace the grandeur of the hickory tree

hickory tree

Georgia's Iconic Dogwood Tree

Bask in the breathtaking beauty of Georgia’s most cherished flowering tree – the Dogwood. With its stunning white blossoms in the spring and vibrant red-orange leaves in the fall, identifying this majestic tree has never been easier. From its unmistakable fissured gray bark to its impressive height of 15-20 feet.

dogwood tree

The Mighty Oak Tree

The remarkable Oak tree – its leaves are lobed and waxy, while its majestic crown provides sprawling shade. With their low branches and short trunks, Oaks are the perfect choice for creating serene landscapes in properties and parks. Explore the enchanting species like white oak, scarlet oak, and water oak, along with countless others.

oak tree

Pine Trees

With a wide variety of species, these evergreen trees grow quickly and sport bunches of needles along their branches. As they mature, their slender form rounds out, adding to their charm. Explore different types like white pine, Virginia pine, and longleaf pine.

pine trees

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