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Tree Removal

Our estimators can provide recommendations based on the specific tree needs of our customers. Becoming a tree expert in this highly skilled field requires many years of experience. For the task of taking down large trees in close proximity to homes or structures, a range of skills and experience is necessary. That’s why we have professional tree climbers who perform this task on a daily basis. Our climbers are true experts with extensive experience in safe and efficient climbing, rigging, roping, removal, and groundwork. When you hire our company, you can rest assured that you are dealing with some of the very best professionals in the business! If a tree needs to be removed, both resident homeowners and commercial customers should rely on professional tree services that have the necessary experience and insurance to handle tree removals. Tree removal is a talent and a specialized skill that takes tree climbers years to achieve.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree Trimming involves pruning the deadwood, diseased, and dying limbs out of the canopy of a tree. This type of pruning is extremely beneficial for the health and promotes longevity for a tree.

Canopy Raising a tree involves elevating or cutting the lower limbs of a tree canopy. This type of pruning is usually done to achieve visibility, or to allow lawn mowers to mow grass underneath or anything else such as cars and people to be able to pass underneath the trees canopy. Elevating the low limbs on a tree can also allow for structure or clearance pruning.

Clearance pruning a tree involves cutting a trees limbs away from a structure by a certain # of feet.  Clearance pruning is usually done to clear houses, roofs, sheds, and such of encroaching limbs.

Shaping a trees canopy should really only be done on shrubs and bushes – not trees. Larger trees can be shaped but only by a selective prune with proper cuts – not topping. Small shrubs and bushes like Holly trees, bush hedges, and other shrubs and bushes can be shaped how you like them.  

Storm Damage / Emergency Service

The first thing a resident should do when a tree falls onto their house, is make sure everyone in the house is safe. Next, call the insurance company to inform them of what happened and obtain a claim number. Tell the insurance company that you have a company that you can call and give them our name. Odds are we are already listed with them as an emergency or tree removal company.  Then, call us right away to receive a free estimate. We specialize in emergency tree service and have experienced personnel to handle the dangerous work. 

Emergency tree service is very dangerous.  Especially in slick and wet conditions just after or during a storm. We do not recommend removing a storm damaged tree in the dark. The salesman will recommend the emergency job be completed the very next morning for safety reasons. Our estimators will go over the details of the emergency job with you and possibly recommend staying in a hotel for the night, or multiple nights if the damage is severe. Insurance usually covers these costs. 

Insurance Claims

We can work with your Insurance claim to minimize your out of pocket expense. Our experienced salesmen usually know when an Insurance company will pay on a fallen tree or branch. Our knowledgeable salesmen have many hours of working with Insurance companies. Insurance companies will generally cover the cost for trees that fall onto a structure. If a tree has fallen across neighboring yards, property line boundaries are used to determine the responsible party. If a tree does not hit a structure, insurance companies usually do not assume responsibility. It really depends on the insurance company and policy a homeowner has on their dwelling. 

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding and Removal removal can range in complexity based on the size. To ensure a safe and efficient procedure, our experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your property beforehand. This assessment includes determining the required crew size, equipment needed, and other necessary details. Our goal is to complete the Stump Grinding and Removal swiftly and safely.

With extensive experience in Stump Grinding, (see our stump grinding page), we differentiate ourselves from other companies by paying meticulous attention to detail. Each job necessitates a unique approach to guarantee secure stump removal. 

Crane Service

Cranes come in very handy for removing trees off houses or removal of a tree from a tight spot. Todd Pate Tree Service, LLC has access to a crane for those jobs that need one. It is very important that crew members work together regularly for moments like taking huge trees off houses. Crane operators and tree climbers must have excellent communication skills with each other to coordinate each piece and cut to be lifted off the house. Our crew at Todd Pate Tree Services, LLC have many years of experience performing emergency tree services.  Once the tree has been removed, usually your insurance company will recommend a restoration company next to come out and finish the job. We also have a crew that can install a tarp to cover the hole in the roof, if need be. 

We worked with Cory to remove several trees in our backyard. The guys were right on time, professional and did a great job. Cory was great to work with and gave us the best quote in the area.


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