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Built on a solid reputation and strong expertise, Todd Pate Tree Service has been the preferred tree services company in the Metro Atlanta area for over 20 years. We offer a quality and affordable tree removal and emergency services.

Natural disasters often leave dangerous circumstances in their wake. Fallen tree’s, down power lines, large branches being knocked down all spell trouble for a homeowner. If you are in an emergency situation please call us to get help right away.

Be proactive address tree problems, tree health, and care

Trees falling in thunderstorms are common place, with the vast majority of these trees having some preexisting conditions that led to the failure. Tree branches failing during storms is the most common problem ; this can result in small damage depending on the size of the branch. But certainly, the most hazardous conditions come from an entire tree falling down. Whole tree failure occurs when the entire tree -trunk, limbs, leaves- all come down. Most of these cases are a result of some tree trunk or root system issue. For preventative measures inspect your trees and know the warning signs.

Warning signs to look for:

Cavity or hole in trunk – A cavity could indicate that the tree is dangerous or has decay.

Rotten wood or roots – Mushrooms and other fungi growing on the tree and around the base is a clue at the tree is rotting inside.

Missing bark or cracks in the trunk – An area with missing bark could be a a sign of canker, gash, or decaying wood.

Visible dead branches – Keep an eye out for visible dead branches as your tree leaves fall, lots of dead branches could be a sign of trouble.

Leaning – This happens when the tree has a severe lean and the soil has become waterlogged, the roots lift from the soil. They can break and cause an unsafe foundation for the tree. Are your tree’s roots broken and protruding from a leaning tree?

Water logged soils – Soil that is too wet coupled with harsh storm winds can allow root plates to fail during storms. Make sure you have proper drainage around your large trees.

Mushrooms around the base or trunk – Fungal growth on your tree is never good. When caught in the early stages, your tree can live with proper care. But if the fungus sets in, it can cause the wood of the tree to rot, weakening the base and roots of the tree.

Can damaged trees be saved ?

A damaged tree falls in to 3 categories

  • We can keep it
  • A little tree care is needed
  • Say Goodbye

Before writing off a damaged tree as a “goner,” homeowners should evaluate their trees by asking : Other than the storm damage, is the tree basically healthy and vigorous? If the tree is basically healthy, is not creating a hazard, and did not suffer major structural damage, it will generally recover if first aid measures are applied immediately after the storm. Read more from the Texas AM Agril Life post on “Can trees be saved ?”

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emergency tree service